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About us

Continuous Capacity Expansion

 The Company commenced commercial production in 1997 with 10 MVA; it grew its installed capacity by 7.5 MVA in 2000 and 8.25 MVA in 2004 when the market for manganese alloys was weak, indicating its commitment to the business. Further 24MVA was added in 2007 This was followed by setting a new unit with 15 MVA furnace capacity along with 15 MW powerplant in Meghalaya. The result is a capital cost per MVA that is attractively lower than the prevailing greenfield benchmark.



The Company enjoys a long-term power supply agreement for its Kalyaneshwari facility and going ahead, is commissioning a 15 MW captive power plant at its 15 MVA Meghalaya facility. The Company also possesses a manganese ore mine which shall be commercialized soon.



The Company has extended beyond commodity grades to specialised grades, leveraging its research and quality standards.