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Our Vision
To be India’s premiere Alloy Company that is built on the solid foundation of shareholder trust, customer commitment, employee satisfaction and sustainable communities. Consistently delivering on our promises backed by meticulous hard work is our motto for ensuring success always!
Our Mission
To be India’s premiere Alloy Company by:
  • Promising excellent shareholder value: Generate a high ROCE coupled with lower-than-market debt ratios
  • Nurturing our employees: Encourage employees to work hard and add to their knowledge base. Ensuring employee growth by creating a secure and stress-free working environment.
  • Utmost commitment to our customers: Irrespective of the market conditions, we will always strive for the highest product standards that will in turn ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Care for our communities: A clean environment, education, housing, health and sustainability for our communities will always remain our mission.
Our Values
Commitment: Commitment is a passion for us. We are extremely committed to serving our shareholders and customers to the best of our abilities. Our promise to our stakeholders is a hard-ironed commitment and we aim to exhibit this value in everything that we do.

Loyalty: Loyalty is the very fabric that runs beneath our organization. We strive to imbibe and exhibit loyalty not only to our stakeholders but also internally as individuals.

Integrity: We not only believe but also imbibe that ‘honesty is indeed the best policy’. We strive to do what is right and not what is the easiest. Staying true to ourselves and our work is what we live by.

Rigour: Rigorous and meticulous attention to detail along with a positive attitude is how we would describe every work process at our organization. Rigour with a positivity will lead to guaranteed successes.

Teamwork: We believe in our common goals and stand by each other on the back of open and honest communication. A strong team is always a winning team.
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